Pearz is an easy and interesting place to find
Polyamorous and Polyfidelitous relationships.
Pearz takes a whole-person approach to online
dating – intelligent and sophisticated, yet
friendly and comfortable – with special features
for the poly lifestyle and philosophy.
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While we offer the expected types of relationship searching
and matching, we also have special features for the
poly lifestyle and philosophy. For example, you can specify that:
n  You are in a committed polyfidelitous relationship,
    and would like to add another partner
n  You are in an open polyamorous situation
n  You are an individual seeking to become involved in a poly relationship
n  you are available only to singles or couples in specific configurations
n  Your account be linked to your partner(s) account(s)
In Pearz, only members who are actually interested in
alternative lifestyles will see your profiles. – but even those who are not
interested in alternatives will still be able to discuss a common
interest in cultural events, activities, and more!

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What profiles appear to me? Extravagant instagrammers who discard, brilliant thirty-year-olds educated professionals but also secretary salespeople, pretty funny. Then the 40-year-olds, there is the ugly fat badly combed, with pimples, but there are bombs that give beer to the late twenties. They have some wrinkles, but very interesting, brilliant witty, well educated, well dressed, and all in all a beautiful body. I find myself giving more likes to them, the 38-42 year olds, than the 26-30 year olds.

I’m thinking about upgrading to the Gold version and see what happens. Going out for a drink costs 8-10 euros, practically the monthly cost of Gold (it costs 13 euros / month for the year) and uberhorny reviews. All in all it is worth a try. In my opinion if we are courteous, polite, we have something to say, we will not have hundreds of women at our disposal, but some will like us and it is always better to have a chance rather than spend a sad Saturday alone listening to music on Youtube. I’m not shy, and I don’t mind writing in the event of a match.

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