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Can you move to live abroad with the youngest of them, without taking into account your opinion, and the emotional damage that could be caused by separating you from your entire maternal family, who are the ones who have cared for the child since the death occurred? and his sister? that he does not have her because of the bad relationship that has existed since the death of the mother?

Hello, my girlfriend has 2 children who are in the care of her sister who is asking for the guardianship of the minors; I would like to know if by giving the guardianship you lose rights as a mother or if you lose parental authority in advance, thank you very much

I can obtain the parental authority of my two grandchildren by giving their parents their consent, they are Argentine and live separately. The father is in Argentina, my grandchildren and my daughter live with me here in Spain.

Hello, I have a 31-year-old handicapped son with an 85% disability and reduced mobility and to buy and put the car in his name for the reduced VAT I think more or less they require me to disable him in the Treasury articles nothing comes of that, only that the reduced VAT of 4% will be applied to the disabled with reduced mobility or wheelchairs.

The parents whose parental authority has been withdrawn, are they obliged to participate in the extraordinary expenses generated by their offspring?

Hello, my question is if parental authority is taken away from the parents, that minor who has reached the age of majority then has the right to receive inheritance once one of these has been disseminated. From Spain Thank you very much in advance.

Hello, how do I do if I want my parents to stay with my children, or my sister married in everything if something happens to me. My children have a dad but he decided to make another life. He says he wants to continue seeing them but I don’t want the other lady to be near them but I also want my in-laws to have the right to see them

If he gets to marry someone else, I don’t want him to see my children again, but if he does. responsable.

What happens to the parental authority of the child if the father died, does the mother go to the full airport? what must be done to legalize it.


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