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It is a very good word to summarize the group throughout its life Sevket Sureyya aydemir is the most famous works of the modern republic of Turkey. The language and style used in the reading of the work and the fact that the life story of the author is very colorful is of course an effective factor.

The author has written this work in a warm, sincere, natural and clear Turkish. In the first chapter, the author expressed the dominant ideologies of the Ottoman Empire in the last period such as Ottomanism, Turkism-Turanism and his relationship with these ideologies. Author together mAlArIylA around the Light magazine with the return to Turkey recovered socialist intellectuals between the input light Journal of Turkey arrested communists in the disagreements of the Communist Party of the year, and expresses the life story dating back to bed prison in Afyon.

In the second chapter, At the disposal of the Revolution, the author touched upon the Kadro movement, the Kemalist revolution, and the conditions necessary for the realization of the revolution. He ended the book by describing the educational work he carried out under the auspices of Atatürk in the first years of the Republic. A relentless purge began amid raids, looting and total killing. And this purge was final. Edirne Castle was one of them. My older brother had just died. The little one was an officer in the army that closed to this castle. We sent the children to Istanbul. The port of Istanbul was overcrowded with foreign ships. This time, Düvel-i Huazzama put his sword on the balance and again put it against the Ottoman Empire.

At the beginning of the war: – They said that no matter the outcome of the war, the current situation in the Balkans will not deteriorate, but at the end of the war, this current situation definitely and forever deteriorated against us. All these things were unexpected at that time and especially for Turkish children who were just growing up and living their first youth. I was also one of these kids. We were not prepared for this outcome. We were dreaming of different mornings that would arise after some unnamed mountains of dreams. We were preparing for conquests, victories, expansions, glory, and finally a conquest.

However, we were faced with a cold and black truth. We had slight difficulty understanding this truth. So there was something we did not know, did not understand.

And now it was necessary to get used to this naked truth, to know and see the facts as they are. Until then, it means that we lived in a fantasy world. All we believed was an illusion. This Empire was perhaps already dead.

Perhaps we only lived it with our delusions. That Ottoman Europe could not be counted as ours for a long time.

Crete, Eastern Rumelia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which are the Danube provinces, have long since vanished for us. But weren’t there any differences such as Turks, Arabs, Kurds and Armenians over it? Especially the sultan was extinguished like a soap bubble and was gone. What about Anatolia?

These soldiers were embarrassed, timid, and filled the courtyards of the great mosques on Fridays, afraid to mingle with the unaccustomed crowd of the city streets. Among the voices of the kebab and börek makers who are making a lot of fuss: – Is it from the fourth army? Is it from Sivas? They used to call the city, crying out, “Is it from Ankara?

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